Job Seeker: Candace Hamilton

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Meet Candace.

She is one our newest job seekers. Candace recently graduated from high school, and is currently participating in the 4J school district’s Community Living Program, where she is gaining work experience working at UO Hamilton Hall, performing,  food & customer service duties. She has done everything from, food prep to cash handling. She has even stepped in to fill a supervisory role amongst her peers.  Candace is excited to find her first paying job so she can venture out on her own and make her own way in life.

Candace dreams of someday attending cosmetology school, but until then she would like to work in a retail setting. Because Candace enjoys fashion she would like to find a job where she can help people make their apparel selections, or do some sort of retail job where she can be around people. Candace says that she really wants to be able to help people and make them happy. “I Just really like waiting on  people and helping them, it’s fun.”  She would also like to learn more about the customer service industry whether it is in clothing, food service or even in caregiving.  Candace feels that finding work where she is serving others would be a great place to build her skills.

When Candace isn’t in her classes with CLP she enjoys spending time hanging out with her friends at the mall, getting her nails done or playing basketball.

If you can see Candace working for you or know of someone who could benefit from employing her, please contact her job developer, Lorie Polk, at .