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ProjectSEARCH provides work experience and employability training at Riverbend and The University District, which are committed to supporting people with disabilities in the workplace. At the end of the nine-month unpaid internship, ProjectSEARCH graduates will be prepared for competitive, integrated employment. Pearl Buck Center has earned two national awards for successful job placements for graduates.

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Interns begin the academic year with two weeks of classroom instruction to prepare for the initial internship placement. Once the internships begin, interns spend six hours onsite with an hour each day in the classroom working on the topics listed below and return at the conclusion of the work day to debrief about their day, ask questions and receive coaching. The end goal is to secure employment, utilizing the skills gained during the program.

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The independence and progress our son has made has been so rewarding and it has been a true blessing to both him and our family. We truly appreciate the wonderful staff who have dedicated their time to make this program a success. We would highly recommend Project SEARCH.

Scott and Janice Bocci, Parents
Thank you to our community partners

Project SEARCH is a partnership between Pearl Buck Center, PeaceHealth SacredHeart Medical Center, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the Oregon Department of Human Services. Special thanks to SELCO Community Credit Union for sponsoring the program.