Employment Success! On the Job with Dylan

We first met Dylan Metzger when he came to us in need of finding out what he wanted to do for work. We conducted a Discovery inquiry and found that he could use his varied skills in a variety of job situations.

We then began the job search. Dylan worked in the production area of Pearl Buck Center and we heard rave reviews of his work and ability to interact with his supervisors and coworkers.

Fuller Cabinets was in need of another clean-up person so we arranged for an interview. Dylan has been working at Fuller Cabinets for months now and says that he likes it. Here is a text that we received from Kallin Benson, who manages at the facility…

Good morning…first let me say that Dylan rocks! Such a great worker, and polite young man… he shows up on time every day, does exactly what he’s asked, and is respectful of the guys.  He’s painfully shy, but we’ll work on getting him out of his shell a bit.” says Kallin Benson from Fuller Cabinets  (5/5)

When I relayed this to Dylan, he said that he is just trying to be a good employee and do the work, because after all that is what he is there for.


Way to impress us all Dylan!