Employment Success! On the Job with Dayle

Dayle reading 2

Meet Dayle Chapman. When she came to us Dayle was ending a volunteer stint as a Senior Regent with the Springfield Moose Lodge,  a local service organization, but wanted to try something different. She had an interest in child care.

Dayle was ready and willing to learn as much as she could to help her job search. She took advantage of as many classes and job preparation activities offered through WorkSource, as possible.

We helped Dayle with obtaining the necessary credentials such as a food handlers card, infant first aid CPR and get registered into the Oregon criminal registry. We also assisted her with getting some continuing education credits, reaching a Level 6.

Next, we started applying to child care facilities. In fact, Doris Steele applied to one such place  in the evening and the next day Judy Gains, the owner of Grandma’s House called Dayle first thing the next morning for an interview.

Judy said that she hired Dayle because, ‘When you call a young person for an interview they can’t come right away for an interview, but Dayle was willing to come as quick as her bus could get her here first thing this morning.’

Judy has been pleased with the work that Dayle has provided and has worked with her to complete more levels of continuing education including taking a 1 credit college class.

Recently, Doris spoke with Judy and she said “I count on Dayle for quite a bit. Dayle helps me remember things. And when Dayle says that she doesn’t think that she can do something, I let Dayle know that I have faith in her and Dayle winds up doing whatever it is that she didn’t originally think that she could do!”

We are very proud of Dayle’s success and her willingness to do everything possible to make sure that she was ready for a community job.