Employment Success! On the Job with Camryn

Meet Camryn Price.

He’s a quite, very  presentable young man. He graduated from Springfield High School with a modified diploma, but because of his demeanor and drive, it won’t be a roadblock to his success. He describes his learning style as “hands-on”, he does well with written/verbal and demonstration then giving him a chance to try for himself.

Camryn had his driving permit and was taking driving lessons at the time that we were first introduced to him. His goal was to get his license and then save money to buy a vehicle and find an apartment of his own.

He has an interest in fishing, working on cars and welding as well as construction. He sees himself as eventually working in metals/fabrication, auto body work or construction as a long term goal.

Within weeks of meeting Camryn, we placed him in a scanning job with Chambers Construction, who had come to us seeking someone to scan boxes of past accounts. Camryn made himself useful and took to the task given to him with ease.


Shortly after starting work at Chambers Construction, Camryn and his family lost everything they owned in a house fire, but Camryn didn’t let this deter him from his job for very long. After a day or two off, he returned to work with a renewed purpose of earning enough to move out on his own.

I emailed Kim Cailteux, Camryn’s supervisor, to see how he was doing after his first 90 days and this is the email that I received;

Hi, Lorie –

All’s well with Camryn.  He’s a good worker.  I don’t have any complaints.  He’s independent, he doesn’t seem to ever have questions (but he’s not afraid to ask if he does have one).  He’s efficient.  He’s conscientious, he fits in well.

We’re glad to have him.

Kim Cailteux, CDT, Contract Administrator

Chambers Logo High Rez

Camryn is still working with Chambers Construction and according to Kim, “He fits in nicely and everyone has nice things to say about him.  He’s independent and a hard worker.  He works from the time he gets here until he leaves.  That makes it real easy on us.  He’s done such a large volume of scanning, his completed work is something we really appreciate.  The times he does have questions or needs to discuss something, he articulates himself well.  He’s a warm person, he has a nice smile and he conducts himself professionally.  We hope to have him around for a while more!”

Congratulations to both Camryn and Chambers Construction, we are so happy to have been a part of this success story!