Employ-ment Success! On the Job with Jamie Cavin

Looking for work is very much like a job in itself, as anyone who has ever been out there seeking work can attest to. And  “You’re Hired!”, are the sweetest words to hear when you’ve been hitting the pavement in search of employment.

When I started working with Jamie to look for work, one of the things that he told me that he wanted to do as a job option was sign waving or wear the mattress suit. So we turned in a resume to Mattress Mania and he was called in for an interview.

As a result, Jamie has been fortunate enough to have been given an opportunity to prove himself and become a part of the working world and the community at large.


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 Jamie is so happy to be working and interacting with people, it doesn’t even matter that they are in their cars! He is loving hearing people honk their horns when he is out there waving his sign or wearing the the mattress costume.

I asked Jamie’s hiring manager how he was doing and this is what she had to say;

Hi Lorie,

Jamie is doing great.  He arrives for all scheduled shifts promptly and always has a friendly smile on his face.  We chatted briefly the other day about any concerns he might be having and I also encouraged him to be engaging with the traffic.  Make eye contact, wave, even a simple smile can go a long way.  Our sign holders are one of the most important pieces in our marketing campaign so we value the time he dedicates to being out there. We’re so happy to have Jamie on our team.
Thank you,

Amanda Hinkle

Marketing Director, Mattress Mania


Snapshot 1 (11-6-2015 3-30 PM)

If you happen to see Jamie waving his sign, please be sure and honk your horn or wave, it’s sure to make his day!