Doing Good, because it’s Good for Business


The job developers at Pearl Buck Center are out in the community approaching businesses to take a look at what they do and help them assess whether there is a place in their company for one or more of our job seekers. And we usually can find a good fit for everyone.

The bigger question is whether it makes sense for the business to take on one of our clients. We usually find that with willingness, the right fit, perhaps some minor adjustments or modifications, training and a little time it can and usually  does pay off in the end both for the employer and employee.

Take a look at a couple of well-known businesses that have found out what we already know to be true – ‘Doing good, IS good for business’. Mark Wafer, a Tim Horton franchise owner in Canada, has found that his employment turnover rate is lower than another franchise down the street from him. This, of course, saves him money in the long run.

And a Walgreens in Connecticut has hired 40% of it’s workforce from the disabled community and is one of the most profitable Walgreens Distribution Centers (DC’s) in the nation. Walgreens plans to model all of their DC’s after this one as a result.

Why? Because there is a “Return on Disability”, to coin a phrase from Rich Donovan, a business consultant with Cerebral Palsy who says that “It’s not about charity”, but rather “It all comes down to numbers and an observable measurement that nobody can dispute.”


If I haven’t fully piqued your interest or you still have some questions, here is another interview with Mark Wafer. His answers are very comprehensive and cover most areas of concern for business owners.


So as you can see, from a business standpoint, hiring employees with disabilities really makes dollars & sense. And what’s not to like about that! So give us a call and let us help you figure out how to make your business be more diverse and prosperous. Call Pearl Buck Center’s Employment Services, today at 541.484.4666 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.