Pearl Buck Vocational Academy

The Pearl Buck Vocational Academy provides a unique combination of classroom learning and hands-on work experience for adults with various abilities. The goal of the Academy is to help prepare students for integrated employment opportunities.


This includes:

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What is the academic year like for the students?

The academy runs from September-May with special offerings during the summer

Summer Work Experience

The Summer Work Experience program is designed for students ages 18-21 who have a disability and depends on grant funding.  This program offers training, work experience, and supervision in an integrated work environment. The goal of the program is to provide tools and information necessary for the students to take the next step on their individual employment path.

The Summer Work Experience program is a partnership with the Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Department of Human Services, and Pearl Buck Center.

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Life Skills class helps me learn skills I need for the job, especially helping older people. I am learning interviewing skills that are going to help me to get a job. You can learn good skills to get good jobs out in the community.

Kevin, Vocational Academy participant