Meet Michael May Video Resume

Meet Michael May.  As an employment candidate, he’s defined by his dependability, positive attitude, and stellar work ethic.  He’s a recent graduate of 4J’s Connections program, where he participated in a three year program to gain work experience at various community worksites; his performance there earned him a glowing letter of recommendation.  Over the past year, Michael and I have worked together to continue building the skills he needs to be successful on the job.  Throughout, he has demonstrated constant determination to meet his ultimate goal: part-time work, in a situation where his physical strength, talent for organization, and mechanical aptitude will prove valuable.

Please take a moment to watch this brief video resume highlighting what Michael has to offer.  If you’re interested in learning more about Michael, I’d like to recommend meeting with us for a brief exploratory conversation; to schedule such a visit, you can contact me via email, at ‘‘, or by phone, at (541) 543-1497.  Also, please share this post with anyone else you think might like to see it!  Your help in spreading the word may prove instrumental in creating our next success story.

Update: Michael has been working for McKenzie SewOn since October 2014, in a position custom-fit to his strengths and skills.  His attention to detail and solid work ethic have earned him great praise from his supervisors and co-workers alike; he’s become a valued member of the team, and is now well on his way with writing his own story of success!