Job seeker: Jamie Cavin


Jamie has student work study experience as a barista where he took orders, made and served coffee drinks, provided excellent customer service, and helped with clean up.

Jamie would like to find employment that entails working with his hands, organizing items, and/or working with the public. He has a penchant for organizing and enjoys repetitive, detailed hand work. “I would love to find a job in a warehouse doing detailed, production type work.”

Recently, Jamie has been working at Pearl Buck Center in the Production center where he has done pretty much everything, from running the CNC machine and cutting metal to packaging cereal and spices. He has shown that he is capable of being competitive, reliable, and a team player.

Jamie would make an awesome addition to any team where he could interact with the public, organize products, or produce detailed hand work. Possible job matches might include; car wash, small coffee cart, dry-cleaners, or warehouse. Maybe even as a shop clean-up assistant. With his wide range of skills and his willingness to learn new tasks, there are really very few limits to his abilities and interests in regards to work.

If you would like to put Jamie to work or know of someplace that would be interested in hiring Jamie, don’t hesitate in contacting his Job Developer via email at;

Jamie Hired

Edit: Jamie has been working for Mattress Mania since September 2015. He is enjoying working making some extra money, getting some fresh air and interacting with his co-workers and being in the community.