Jobseeker profile: Traci Roberts


Meet Traci Roberts.  Her dream is to work as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant.  Helping people, she says, is what truly makes a job meaningful to her–and since many of her relatives are also caregivers, her career choice makes her feel closer to family, too.

While Traci pursues her CNA license, she’s eager for a chance to build relevant work experience in an entry-level position with a nursing home or care facility–for instance, as a dietary aide, or in housekeeping.  She has no problem with working her way up, she says, and based on her performance during the 8 years she was in her previous position at Fred Meyer, we have no doubt she has the work ethic to do so; from pushing carts in the snow to creating special craft projects for kids in the play area, Traci has a long history of going above and beyond.  And she’s also demonstrated great service; as one example, she described getting to know regular customers who need help with carrying out groceries, so she could be available for them as soon as they finished checking out.

Beyond working in long-term care, Traci says she’d also be happy to work with children, perhaps as a teacher’s aide.  Her ideal job would be about 20 hours a week, and since she drives, she can work anywhere in the Eugene area.  To the skills described above, Traci adds that she’s dependable and well-organized.  Outside of work, Traci loves swimming, hiking, movies, going to the spa, visiting the coast, and coupon shopping.

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