Jobseeker: Kang Eui Hong


Meet Kang Eui Hong.  Though still in his early 20’s, Kang Eui has done an impressive amount of work towards accomplishing some big goals, including learning a second language, completing five years of ABSE courses at LCC, and becoming a skilled pianist.  And now, Kang Eui’s ready to write the story of his next success: finding part-time work.

By all accounts, Kang Eui’s already proven himself a hard worker.  His instructor at LCC spoke highly of his meticulousness, and the skills he’s developed in English reading comprehension.  And since 2004, Kang Eui has been building his work skills as a volunteer with his church’s concessions stand at Autzen stadium.  His contributions have impressed his coworkers, and they’re happy to recommend him; one praised his energy, personality and work ethic, and another lauded his concentration, dedication, and will to achieve.  We saw the same qualities during a recent month-long job trial at a local market, where Kang Eui learned to stock, clean, and serve customers to the employer’s standards.  Based on our observations, we’re confident we can recommend Kang Eui as ready to work.

Kang Eui will thrive in a position that capitalizes on his natural talents–organization and neatness, physical strength, and a friendly, positive attitude.   He and his job developer, Joshua, are presently seeking opportunities to consult with local businesses for advice on where Kang Eui’s skills might find a good fit.  Interested in learning how you can help?  Please contact Joshua via email, at
Kang Hired