Jobseeker: Allen Quinn


Meet Allen Quinn. He is no stranger to work; in fact, Allen worked in the warehouse of Troutman’s Emporium department store for 8 years, until they went out of business. Since then, Allen has been very active in his children’s lives, and as a volunteer in his local community. He spent some time on the Board of Directors for the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters, and mentored youth as a big brother himself; he also tutored math and reading while his boys were attending school.  Most recently, Allen has volunteered for the Thurston Boosters’ concessions stand during football and basketball seasons. Allen states that he loves, “interacting with people and volunteering my time and giving back to my community.”

Now that his children have grown up, Allen feels that it is time to move on and find work that is interesting, stimulating and utilizes his natural outgoing personality. He always tries to maintain a positive attitude and often encourages those around him to do so as well. “Having six older siblings, I learned quickly how to communicate effectively. I enjoy talking and interacting with people from different backgrounds and I’m not shy to start a conversation.”

Allen’s dream is to find work that involves driving, people and customer service.  He hopes to find a place of employment where he is able to take part in a cooperative working atmosphere and be able to contribute to the workplace’s common goal.

When Allen isn’t out searching for work he enjoys playing board games with his family, walking his two dogs, riding his recumbent tricycle and attending UO duck games.

If you’re interested in learning more about Allen or considering how you can assist him with his job search, contact Lorie Polk, his job developer, at .

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