Job Seeker-Zane Hall


Meet Zane Hall,

Zane graduated from high school in 2003, he then took a part-time dishwashing position at a lodge in Lakeside Oregon. He had a great two years of working there before moving on to his next job at Goodwill Industries, where he continues to be a loyal and reliable employee to this day.

Zane is ready for a change and is looking for a part-time dishwashing position. He really liked working as a dishwasher previously and feels it was something he did well. He is friendly and outgoing and really enjoys helping, meeting people and being part of a team.

Zane has a memory like you would not believe. He is like a book of information and probably why it is so important for him to learn new things and the reason he enjoys meeting new people so much.

Some of the things Zane enjoys doing in his free time are working out at the gym, bargain shopping, going to concerts and collecting unique keys.

Zane is looking for part-time work in Eugene, approximately 20 hours a week and he is willing to work any hours as long as he is able to get to and from the location by bus. If this sounds like someone you are looking for, please give me a call at 541-337-9498 Linda Cox, Employment Specialist.