Job Seeker: Tiana Swindall


Let me introduce you to Tiana. She is a very bubbly personable young lady who is interested in working in the retail industry. Tiana has been working at Goodwill, several years, tagging, hanging and stocking the merchandise. She has come to realize that she both enjoys and is good at being with people and offering assistance.

Tiana’s strength lies in her focused ability and enjoyment in organizing, she says that she loves to keep things neat and she “would make sure the product looks really good!” She is always smiling and says that she is always willing to help, whether it be the customers or her co-workers. Tiana would love to work in a place where she can gain “some cashiering experience and where the customers are happy with [her] service and want to return.”

Tiana sees herself as making a career in retail and would make a great dressing room attendant, merchandise replenisher,  stocker, and even cashier (given some training), any of these positions she feels would give her more insight and experience into the world of the retail and service industries.

If you would like to put Tiana to work in your business, contact Lorie Polk at or call (541) 484.4666 ext 5106 to discuss the possibilities or set up an interview.

Tiana Hired