Job Seeker: Sean Quddus

Sean Quddus loves to be of service and he has experience. Sean is interested in customer service type work in retail, hospitality or office arenas, where he can help people with their purchases and provide direction.

Sean has 3 years work experience as a Stocker at Office Max and has been selling collectibles on eBay and at Piccadilly Market since 2005. Sean says that he has received consistent high reviews for the customer service he has provided his customers. Recently, he has been doing temp work at Pearl Buck Center as a Production Assistant over the holiday (rush) season.

In 2003, Sean went through the Star Training Institute AutoCAD program and earned himself an AutoCAD Certification.

Sean  is very reliable and has a positive attitude that he hopes will “wear off onto others.” He feels that  working with electronics, computers, gaming systems and other visual media fields for over fifteen years has given him a better understanding of how things work electronically. He says that he loves “playing both new and retro video games on consoles or hand-held devices.”

If you have a place for Sean in your business or know of a job opening that would be suitable for Sean and his skills, please contact his Job Developer; Lorie Polk at, thank you.