Job Seeker: Sarah Carter


Meet Sarah, she’s interested in landing a job in the childcare arena. Presently, Sara enjoys assisting with the childcare every Wednesdays at her church.Sarah C

Sarah is working on¬†completing her food handler’s card, infant first aid/CPR, abuse reporting and getting registered in the national criminal registry. She then plans on getting some training in how to be a teaching assistant. This last item is something that she really looks forward to because it will allow her some hands-on experience to actually interact with the kids.

Sarah says that she likes how easy it can be to interact with kids and at the same time it can be challenging, but fun just the same.

Sarah envisions herself; playing with and reading to children, helping with craft projects, preparing snacks, cleaning, sterilizing toys, and organizing. These are all well within her capabilities at this juncture of her job search. If you know of a place that could utilize Sarah’s abilities, please contact, Doris Steele at¬†or call 541.484.4666 today and let’s talk.