Job Seeker – Rayanna Coldiron

 Meet Rayanna. Rayanna is the definition o0a026cee-5884-44b9-ad4e-f0ea52ae89bcf a ‘people
Everywhere she goes, Rayanna smiles and talks to anyone and everyone.  People who know Rayanna say she is funny, personable, and has an uplifting spirit.  Rayanna’s primary interest is to find a job where she can help people. On top of that, Rayanna is a big animal lover and a great cook! She has personal and professional experience baking a variety
of items, from baked potatoes to desserts. Rayanna’s dog, Lily, is a big part of her life. Rayanna enjoys taking
Lily to the park and playing with her. As long as she is doing something involving people, food, and animals,  Rayanna is happy.

lil heart 2

Lily, Rayanna’s doggie

Either in customer service, as a waitress, or at a position where she can help animals, Rayanna’s strengths will truly shine. Her hardworking attitude, willingness to learn, and professional experience, make her a well-rounded candidate for a
variety of positions. Rayanna is open to trying new things and loves to learn new skills.


  If you  have a place for Rayanna in your business or know of a job opening that would be suitable for Rayanna and her skills and interests, please contact her Job Developer; Nicole Hamilton,, or 541-543-3507. Thank you!Copy of Simple restaurant menu poster - No image