Job Seeker: Chris Steiner


Meet Chris Steiner.

This is a man who is clear on what he wants and why. And all Chris really wants to do is get a job so he can keep busy. “I don’t want to be lazy,” says Chris. “I want to keep busy and not get bored in the house,” he replies when asked why he wants to work.

Chris has worked as a janitor in a variety of different places over the years, including  Pearl Buck Janitorial, Creswell Airport, Cottage Grove Community Sharing, Eugene Water treatment Plant and Goodwill.

Chris is seeking a part-time porter or light janitorial position. He can see himself working in a church or small office doing janitorial work. He enjoys cleaning and kidding around with people.  In addition he likes gardening and riding his bike.

Chris is a “hard worker and very agreeable to be around,” says Kent Wilkerson, who has occasionally employed Chris for small yard jobs.

Following a task list with simple instructions works best for Chris and allows him to carry out his duties with ease and efficiency. He is very confident that he could tackle most cleaning jobs if given a chance.

If you can picture Chris working for you or know of someone who might benefit from his talents, please contact his job developer, Doris Steele, at

Chris HiredEdit: Chris has been working with Garten Services as a custodian.