Job Seeker- Alex Bocci

Meet Alex, he’s a big sports fan- with the UO Ducks easily being his favorite. This young man has the most infectious smile & personality and he’s ready to work!

Alex's Poster Presently, Alex is volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, but he is seeking employment that entails both being with people and being of service.

“I want to do something that helps people.” ~Alex Bocci

He would be interested in working at a job that has him; stocking, cleaning equipment or greeting customers.

Alex will thrive in a position that utilizes his natural talents of friendliness, dependability, and positive attitude along with tasks that are routine.

This would be a first job for Alex, so just a few hours a week would be good to start with.

Alex has some work study experience from school. In the Community Living Program, he performed janitorial tasks, weighed and packaged food, cleaned tables, washed dishes and he has washed equipment at C&E.

Alex is presently volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. I recently spoke with  Byron one of the employees there and he told me that Alex is “a bright and shining star of the volunteers here. He is very polite, considerate of others and friendly.”

If you are in need of someone who would treat your customers in a courteous and respectful manner and quite frankly, be the cause of  repeat customers as a result of their experience of being welcomed by Alex, please contact his Job Developer, Lorie Polk to set up an interview today.

What do you have to lose?