Job Seeker – Adrian Cracknell

If you are looking for an employee that has a positive attitude, enjoys staying busy, and is excited to learn new tasks, Adrian Cracknell is the man to hire!
Adrian has many years’ experience at his family’s dog rescue, doing a wide variety of tasks including; administering medication, providing treatment to sick and injured animals, Operating facility laundry, disinfecting, cleaning and organizing pens and stables.

Adrian also has valuable experience operating a cash register, preparing food, and greeting customers. This experience will prepare Adrian for his dream job, working at a movie theater. Adrian is a huge movie buff and is always at the theater watching new releases, and envying the employees who have the coolest job in the world! Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” and that goal will absolutely be achieved once Adrian is employed at a theater.

Adrian’s future employment isn’t limited to working in a movie theater. He’s a talented guy who would be great in many positions. Customer service, retail, food service, and even housekeeping are jobs Adrian could really strive in. Any job relating to talking to people, and Adrian will be in his element. His upbeat personality and infectious charisma will add a certain sparkle to any company’s morale. Give Adrian a chance and he will prove to be one of your most valuable employees!

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If you desire an employee who will thoroughly enjoy every minute of his job, feel free to call 541-543-3507 or email to set up an interview. Thank you!