In Memory of Marie and Ted Baker

[Photo by Carl Davaz]

From Margaret Theisen, Executive Director:

“Few people in our 68-year tradition have impacted Pearl Buck Center’s Mission like Marie and Ted Baker. Their legacy in our history is unparalleled, having led us through two capital campaigns. The ownership of our current Center without a mortgage is largely due to their passion and commitment, not just to Pearl Buck Center, but our community at large. As first Board and then Emeritus Board Members, they stayed connected as friends and supporters of our organization through decades. The grief of losing them is only bested by the deep love and respect we have for them. Our current Board of Directors speaks to their impact:

“Very sad to lose both Marie and Ted this year. They were great PBC supporters, but so, so much more. They were just great people. And, a great team.”

“Community supporters without peer. Genuinely decent and nice people—unassuming in the extreme.”

” We need many, many more like them! The community is a poorer place for their passing’s.”

To the extended Baker Family, our prayers and appreciation are with you. May your hearts heal quickly and your family relish the profound difference they have made in our community.”

Link to Marie Baker’s Obit

Link to Ted Baker’s obit in the Register Guard: