Employment Success! On the Job with Tiana

Tiana Swindall was looking for work in the retail industry, however, she mentioned that she loves to watch cooking shows and would like to learn how to cook. She didn’t think that she could even do something other than using the skills that she had acquired at Goodwill.

We found her a job at the Alpha Phi Sorority House, where she sets up their breakfast bar, stocks the girl’s little kitchen and washes dishes.

During the week Tiana works at Goodwill, but on the weekends she is in charge of the AΦ kitchen, where she has learned to make her own bacon and eggs on an electrical griddle, dice veggies, and wash dishes. All things that she has never experienced before, but well within her abilities.

It is clear that this job has taught Tiana so many new skills and given her evidence that she is capable of doing more than she thought she could do and confidence to try new things.

Can’t wait to see what she’ll cook up next in her life!