Employment Success! On the Job with Sophie

Sophie came to Pearl Buck Center seeking help with figuring out what kind of job she would be good at. Linda Cox; a Job Developer and Discovery Agent, worked with Sophie to determine her skills, interests, and aptitudes. Prior to completing the Discovery process, Linda was able to find and secure a position with Selco Credit Union for Sophie.

Linda assisted Sophie with her new job where she converts microfiche documents into paper files, where they will be converted to digital. It is a very tedious process, but one that Sophie has taken to with success.

Here is a letter Sophie’s mother wrote about her daughter’s experience:


My daughter Sophie, age 34, completed high school and went on to study two years of Mandarin language classes at UO.  She enjoyed her classes, but is basically very shy and has always had difficulty in socializing.  She was very keen on starting a job, but was unable to find paid employment to her liking. 

 Linda Cox at Pearl Buck Center began the discovery process to determine Sophie’s interests and skills for a suitable job.  Within a few short weeks, even before completion of the discovery process, Linda was able to find an ideal job for Sophie.  Linda’s encouragement and support for Sophie is always strong and ongoing.  Linda is constantly in touch with Sophie, and often accompanies her to her place of employment to train and help improve her work habits. 

 IMG_0196Sophie now is more self-confident, and I was told that Sophie has started to talk and socialize a little with her co-workers.  She feels so proud to be earning a salary.  Thanks to Pearl Buck Center, and to Linda for her warm and caring support, Sophie is seeing a great improvement in her life. 


Umaima Barma