Employment Success! On the Job with Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter’s goal when she came to us was to find a job as a teacher’s assistant. She had some limited experience and a natural talent working with children.  We just  needed to help her prepare for work in the childcare industry.

We assisted Sarah with obtaining her food handler’s card, Infant & Adult 1st Aid/CPR certification, mandatory abuse reporting training, and  getting her registered in the Central Background Registry.

With all of her credentials in hand, we started talking with various day care centers. Heather Clark, the director of PlayDates, was interested and hired Sarah.


We’ve been told that Sarah is doing very well and her co-workers have raved about her performance, stating – “Sarah is enjoyable to have around because she does what is asked of her” and “We show Sarah what to do and she just does it.” Staff have been impressed that Sarah is able to carry out her tasks once prompted and doesn’t need someone around to supervise her, she just does what is asked of her with ease.

We are proud of the job that Sarah is doing and providing at PlayDates. Keep up the great work, Sarah!