Employment Success! On the Job with Kyle

Kyle Brown has been happily working at the Springfield Mall for ERMC Total Facility Management since 2012.
Kyle came to us seeking work where he would be able to be more independent. He had been working at  Columbia Beverage, in an enclave situation and he wanted less supervision with more responsibility.

Doris found him a job as a janitor in the Springfield Mall. Kyle took to his tasks  with ease. Harold the manager, was very pleased with the work that Kyle provided. He said that “he could count on Kyle to come in whenever he called.” Harold was really impressed with the fact that Kyle was ready to fill in on a moments notice.

Kyle is very respectful and courteous with the patrons of the mall, willing to assist whenever possible. bg1

Kyle told me that he  “enjoys working because it gives him freedom. I’m glad that I chose Pearl Buck Center to help me get this job and especially glad that the Marriott job fell through and that Harold called me because I really like this job.”  When I asked Kyle what exactly he liked about his job he responded, “I like the hours and that I get everything done and work is over in two days.”

Kyle told me that he has “nothing but good things to say about Pearl Buck Center Community Employment Services and I would recommend other people in my similar situation to have Pearl Buck Center assist with job search because they helped me and they don’t smother me and let me work.”  He likes and gets along with his co-workers – and there’s not one person that he regrets having to work with.

We are happy to have been part of Kyle’s success!