Employment Success! On the Job with Cody & Jacob

Cody Peterson and Jacob Flug are polar opposites when it comes to personality, however, what they share is being successful at their new jobs at the same job site!

Kassey Daggett– Building Manager, of the South Hills Center, first approached us, last fall inquiring about filling a janitorial position a few nights a week in the Tamarack building. We placed Cody Grimes in this position  initially and assisted him in learning the tasks necessary.

Because of Cody’s success, Kassey called us back seeking another person to fill the nights that he didn’t work. We placed Cody Peterson (or Cody 2) and he took to the tasks without a hitch and he seems to enjoy the quietness of the Tamarack building as well as the tasks that he is performing.  IMG_6098

As a result of landing this job, Cody Peterson has been able to venture out of his comfort level and learn to get around town on his own using the LTD bus system.  JF Trash

After Cody G. elected to not work anymore, we were asked to replace him, so we did with Jacob Flug. Jacob has been doing a fantastic job of cleaning and as a result of having a job he is in the process of getting his drivers license, moving out of his families home, and finding an apartment of his own.

Both of these young men have been able to get all of the tasks that were requested of them completed within the time frame given them and will soon be given additional tasks to finish as part of their workload.

We are all very proud of Cody and Jacob and the progress that they have both made. We are happy to have been a part of both of their growth and development into independent members of the Eugene community. Nice job, guys!