Employ-ment Success! On the Job with the Wards

We first met Angela Ward in 2011 and promptly found her a job close to her home at Dari Mart on the corner of W. 11th & Oakpatch. Angela took to her new job and it soon became clear that she would make herself indispensable as an employee.

When her family moved, her supervisor was worried that they would lose Angela to another Dari Mart, but she was determined to learn the bus route to keep her job at the same location.

With a store as busy as the W. 11th/Oakpatch Dari Mart, having someone, like Angela, come in during the day to take out trash and recycling, stock the milk and drink coolers, and sweep the sidewalks outdoors, takes the pressure off of the her coworkers, leaving them time to wait on customers and attend to other areas of the store.

Angela’s supervisor, Brenda,  made it clear that she does not want to lose Angela, because she is a hard worker, keeps on task, greets customers, gladly helps her coworkers – going the extra mile, with a smile. And it seems customers return just to see Angela, possibly because she has a special gift of making people feel welcome.

Recently Ken was referred to Pearl Buck Center Community Services by his sister, Angela because she had found a job, that she loved, so fast and thought that we could do the same for him.

Ken was looking for meaningful work where he could grow and fit in. He had prior customer service experience and wanted to be able to do something where he could work with people  and show off his personable personality and hard working ethics.

We helped Ken secure a job with Willamalane. Ken’s position as a morning maintenance attendant, has him cleaning the office and lobby areas, men’s locker/restrooms, the family changing rooms and keeping the surrounding areas outdoors looking inviting & welcoming.

Ken is sometimes asked to fill in at Splash! and he does so without concern or complaint. He is always happy to be of service. Ken’s supervisor, Quentin says, ‘Ken is one of my best workers.’

We’ve been told that Ken is a hard worker, always showing up on time ready to work, with a smile on his face. His supervisor even trained him to change the filters on the pools.

This may seem like just another cleaning job, but for Ken, it feels like home, because he feels like he is needed and that his work matters. He states that he Loves his job and it would appear that the patrons enjoy having him there as well.

We are so proud of both Angela and Ken and the hard work that they have performed for their employers. Congratulations on jobs well done!