Employ-ment Success! On the Job with Amanda

Amanda Smith has been working at Togo’s Sandwich shop on Seneca and W. 11th for the past 3 months now and she is doing well. This is her first paying job and Amanda is learning how to assert herself, be part of a team, show up to work on her scheduled days and be on time, to name a few of the things that she is working on.


AS 1st Pay Check

Getting that 1st paycheck!


I received the following email from the general manager of both Togo’s locations over the holidays;

Merry Christmas Lorie,

Just wanted to update you on Amanda! She is doing a really good job and we all like her. David is wonderful with her and they really stay on task ! Thank you for your help with this and I hope you have a GREAT Christmas.

Thank You!

Cheryl Hansell, GM Togo’s Eugene


Maxine, the manager of the W. 11th/Seneca Togo’s location has been really good at drawing Amanda out of her shell. The encouragement of management and co-workers alike have been a great influence on how Amanda has been able to assert herself and become part of the team.

Cheryl told me that they are very happy with their decision to hire Amanda and the work that she has done thus far.

When I asked Amanda what she liked about her job, she said, “I like the people I work with and I like that I can save money for the things I need.” She also mentioned that she has learned to work with all types of people. “I have learned to be a  positive person.” We are excited for Amanda  and wish her continued success!

AS close up