Celebrating 20 Years of Service

RJ Cake

Rick Jones has worked at Dari Mart for 20 years and he wouldn’t have had this opportunity had it not been for Pat Straube and her dedication to the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in the work place, specifically – Dari Mart.RJ & Pat.JPG

Because of Pat’s willingness to work with Pearl Buck Center and the people we serve over 12 people have had the opportunity to experience what everyone else who has ever held a job gets to experience – a sense of accomplishment, belonging, the chance to learn and acquire new skills, earn a pay check and be responsible to pay bills.

Rick worked with many different managers of Dari Mart, numerous job coaches from Pearl Buck Center and at several locations. The only thing constant in Rick’s 20 years of service was his ever present kidding around,  his job duties and the impact that his job made on the work load of his co-workers.

Rick’s present manager-Britney as well as some of his previous managers and Pat Staube, herself put together a retirement party to honor & celebrate Rick’s accomplishment.