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Bridging the Gap

As many local companies continue to struggle with developing consistently strong workforces, many organizations and agencies are working to place individuals with both intellectual and developmental disabilities in jobs where they can make the most impact. At the same time hoping to break down barriers and change perceptions about these individuals. For the majority of…

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A Video Count-down

Here is Watch Mojo‘s countdown to their top 10 inspirational people with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. These are the people whom they feel have broadened our world view. After watching the video let us know, in the comments section, who you would have added to this list. [youtube]

Class Act

SoulPancake’s Class Act video about a teacher at Lawton Middle School in San Francisco is inspiring, touching and shows how something small like a coffee cart can make a huge difference in the lives of teachers & students alike. What’s great about this idea, which isn’t new here in some of Eugene’s High Schools, is that…

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Movie Review

Front of the Class  [youtube] This Hallmark Hall of Fame production is based on the 2005 book “Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had,” which Brad Cohen wrote with Lisa Wysocky. The book, well worth reading, gives insight into what it is like to live with Tourette’s….

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Social Respon-sibility

“We cannot live only for ourselves.  A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” ~Herman Melville Definition: Acting with concern and sensitivity, aware of the impact of your actions on others, particularly the disadvantaged . Does your business hire people with developmental disabilities or donate to a homeless shelter? A growing number of consumers…

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Fun Facts & Games

How much do you know about various disabilities?  Here are some fun ways to play and learn at the same time. Truth or Misconception? After you read each of the following statements, select Truth or Misconception. When you’re finished, find the correct answer at the bottom to find out whether you were correct!   1….

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Tech and Disabilitiy

After decades as a niche market, the disabled have become a driving force in technology and a giant inspiration for innovation. And according to some, this is coming fast, within the next 5 years. Here’s a short clip showcasing some of the innovative technology that are just around the corner and proof that disabilities are…

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