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Allen Quinn Video Resume

We’ve introduced Allen previously (May 6th, 2015 post), but take a look at his video resume, where he shows his zest for life, along with his varied interests and abilities. [youtube] This is a man who has enjoyed life by volunteering his time to contribute to his community, as well as being a family man…

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Meet Wyatt! Video Resume

Wyatt is seeking employment in the Gaming, Food Service, General Labor or Production industries, where he can continue to gain knowledge and become a more versatile employee as well as gain the income needed to become an independent individual. [youtube]

Meet Michael May.  As an employment candidate, he’s defined by his dependability, positive attitude, and stellar work ethic.  He’s a recent graduate of 4J’s Connections program, where he participated in a three year program to gain work experience at various community worksites; his performance there earned him a glowing letter of recommendation.  Over the past…

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