Allen Quinn Video Resume

We’ve introduced Allen previously (May 6th, 2015 post), but take a look at his video resume, where he shows his zest for life, along with his varied interests and abilities.


This is a man who has enjoyed life by volunteering his time to contribute to his community, as well as being a family man by taking an active role in raising his two sons. Allen would like to extend his involvement in the community to include re-entering the working world again.

Allen dreams of making a difference and perhaps even making a little extra money to fund some of the things he likes doing, like; horseback riding, going camping, attending UO games and working on his recumbent trike.

Allen LOVES interacting with people and would love to find a part-time job where he can be comfortable exchanging playful and witty conversations, being of service and making a difference. We’re hoping that after seeing all of the things that Allen can do, on his video resume, someone will come to the realization that they can’t go another day without asking him to join their team. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an interview today…we’ll be waiting.