Pearl Buck Center's clients always have a smile on their face and always have a great attitude. They actually bring the morale of my company up every time they're here in the building.

- Kallin Benson, Operations Manager Fuller Cabinets

Ruth is a reliable team player and always asks for extra work when routine job tasks are complete. Ruth has been with T.J. Maxx since 1994.

- Ruth’s Supervisor, T.J. Maxx

I want to be independent but living alone can be hard. Sometimes, I even forget to take my medication. Pearl Buck Center’s staff let me do things my way and help me make my own choices. They even labeled my pill boxes MORN/BED instead of AM/PM to help me understand my medication.

- Helen, Supported Living client

I can call Pearl Buck Preschool and say I need help with anything. I needed help with a car seat and we got that. I needed help with my son’s behavior problems and they gave me suggestions on how to help him.

- Parent

I love the preschool teachers, program and Pearl Buck Center in general.

- Parent
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