Ruth is a reliable team player and always asks for extra work when routine job tasks are complete. Ruth has been with T.J. Maxx since 1994.

- Ruth’s Supervisor, T.J. Maxx

I want to be independent but living alone can be hard. Sometimes, I even forget to take my medication. Pearl Buck Center’s staff let me do things my way and help me make my own choices. They even labeled my pill boxes MORN/BED instead of AM/PM to help me understand my medication.

- Helen, Supported Living client

I can call Pearl Buck Preschool and say I need help with anything. I needed help with a car seat and we got that. I needed help with my son’s behavior problems and they gave me suggestions on how to help him.

- Parent

I love the preschool teachers, program and Pearl Buck Center in general.

- Parent

My daughter’s social skills have come so far. She is not afraid to play with others now and is more comfortable socially. Her teachers are helping her to recognize her feelings too.

- Parent
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