About Our Team


“Tell us about yourself.”  This is the question that kicks off many a job interview, and whether you dread or relish the opportunity to answer it really comes down to one thing: preparation.  Everyone has a story; at Pearl Buck, we’re all about working with job seekers to discover theirs, celebrate it, and turn it into job-landing success.

Of course, we have a story, too, and we love to tell it.  Our Community Employment team is a diverse group of people united towards a common goal: empowering ability, creating great employment connections, and advocating through our work for the notion that a community is at its best when there’s a place for everyone to contribute.  We’re creative, responsive, dedicated, and deeply invested in our local employment community.  Our services have real value to both job seekers and local employers alike.  We’re happiest when everyone wins—and given our solid record of success, we’re a pretty consistently happy bunch.

What sets us apart from other organizations? Our team truly sees each individual we work with as a person, and not just a placement.  We listen to our job-seekers’ interests, goals and dreams, and collaborate with them every step of the way; the jobs we seek and find are fit to align with their individual skills, strengths and talents.  We believe in the people we work with.  Everyone has potential; we help our job seekers to identify theirs, and connect them with the tools they need to cultivate it into something sustainable and productive.

“Working with Pearl Buck Center gave me a great sense of accomplishment and knowledge to building a career strategy. I would highly recommend anyone looking for job to go through Pearl Buck Center.” -Matt Lyons, PBC Client

We aim for the same results with our business partners, and the range of industries we work in may surprise you; we’re just as comfortable consulting on a horse farm or a factory floor as we are in a restaurant, an office or a bank.  Here are just a few of the businesses we’ve partnered with:

Saturday Market                                 Falling Sky         
Oak Street Day Care                          Mattress Mania  
T.J. Maxx                                              City of Eugene
O’Reilly’s Auto Parts                          Chambers Construction  
 Valley River Inn                                  Selco Community Credit Union
Dari Mart                                               The WebZone
Arby’s                                                     Harlequin Beads         
Serenity Lane                                       Papa Murphy’s  

The services we offer businesses make meaningful contributions to the hiring process at any stage–from the interview to the 90-day performance review, and beyond.  We can provide  a detailed perspective on prospective employees, suggest creative, efficiency-improving ways to bring them on board, and provide expert training support to bring them up to speed.  Consistently, we hear that the work we do saves time, saves money, and connects businesses with great employees.

“Our machinery operators are paid pretty well, and the opportunity for them to stay at their workstation and not have to break off to do other tasks…has been financially really sound for us. But more than that, the opportunity to bring some of these guys in…they’ve always got a smile on their face, always just a great attitude, they actually bring the morale of the company up every time they’re here in the building.” – Kallin Benson, Fuller Cabinets

As a team, we have a combined total of 45 years of experience in creating employment success.  We’re the first agency in Oregon to receive certification as Employment Support Professionals (CESP)*.  Our hard work has earned us a solid reputation for delivering results; job seekers and businesses alike know that they can count on us to go the extra mile for them, whenever and wherever we’re needed.  Our creativity and innovation earn us regular kudos, too.  We’re always on the lookout for new ways to get the word out about who we are and what we do; this blog serves as one outlet for that, and we’d love to keep you along for the ride.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5TiV_fJiRI&w=560&h=315]


There’s plenty more we could tell you about ourselves, but now, we’d like to turn the question over to you: Who are you?  What do you do, and what brings you here today?  Whoever you are, we’d love to hear your story; if you’d like to visit, talk, or meet up with us for a cup of tea sometime, email us at pbc.community.employment@gmail.com, or just comment below.  Thanks!

*CESP is the first and only national certification program for employment support professionals.