Administrative Staff:
Jan Aho, Executive Director  
David Heggestad, Chief Operating Officer  
Scott Zimmerman, Payroll & Benefits Manager  
Carla Comartin, Staff Accountant  
Carla Gregston, PBPS Receptionist  
Resource Development Staff:
Sheila Grossman, Grants Coordinator  
Dena Amend, Development Director  
Catherine Williams, Development Assistant  
Adult Services Staff:
Natasha DeSantis, Director of Adult Services  
Holly Powell, Assistant Director of Adult Services  
Will Ellingsworth, Production Manager  
Deanna Ruge, Vocational Case Coordinator  
Jennifer Lee, LEAP Case Coordinator  
Doris Steele, Placement Consultant  
Lori Polk, Placement Consultant  
Preschool Program Staff:
Renée Van Norman, Pearl Buck Preschool Director  
Emily Collins, Assistant Preschool Director  
Sally Steinman, Parent Navigator Outreach  
Marion Bauer, Parent Navigator  
Pamela MacPherson, Parent Navigator II ISRS  
Elizabeth Jurich, Family Support Coordinator  
Lisa Roush, Preschool Teacher  
Jeanne Jackson-Gistelli, Preschool Teacher  

3690 W 1st Ave
Eugene, Oregon 97402

Phone/TDD: 541-484-4666
Fax: 541-484-0886

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PEARL BUCK CENTER MISSION STATEMENT: Pearl Buck Center offers people with disabilities and their families quality choices and support to achieve their goals.

Pearl Buck Center was founded in 1953 by Lisl Waechter.

Location: 3690 W. 1 st Ave. Eugene, OR. 97402

Three Programs are offered at Pearl Buck Center:

⇒ A Comprehensive employment service at the Eugene site and in the community for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Businesses contract with Pearl Buck Center for mailing, packaging, assembly, manufacturing, and other jobs that clients perform in the vocational training center. Businesses receive quality, cost-effective products and services, while the jobs provide training and wages for the clients. In addition, clients are matched with positions in local businesses, and supported in achieving job success.

⇒ Life Enhancing Activities Program (LEAP) offers adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are also medically frail or aging, opportunities to explore creative expression through arts and crafts, storytelling, film, music, and adaptive gardening, in a cheerful environment. LEAP also includes community integration to build social skills and enrich

⇒ Pearl Buck Preschool program provides specialized preschool, parenting education, and case management/outreach to families led by parents with cognitive difficulties whose children are at risk. Our program’s aim is that the children fulfill their development potential and enter school ready to learn and that their parents provide a safe, stable home.

To learn more about Pearl Buck Center please contact Dena Amend, Development Director.

dena.amend@pearlbuckcenter.com (541) 484-4666 ext. 5109


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Our Mission

Pearl Buck Center offers 
people with disabilities and
their families quality choices
and supports to achieve their

We Value

Vision, Teamwork, Integrity, Advocacy, Communication, Integration, Commitment, Accountability, Flexibility, Safety, Humor, Diversity

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