This curriculum incorporates the strategies of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS), an evidence-based practice shown to decrease children's challenging behaviors and promote their social skills.  

PBIS strategies are used in classrooms in order to create a safe, respectful and effective learning environment.  Teachers model, recognize and reinforce positive behaviors while providing the children with fundamental school-readiness in language/literacy and social/emotional skills.  PBIS strategies are also effective when taught to parents in their homes, at a school or other child care facility.

Our objective is to increase parents' positive discipline techniques, decrease children's negative behaviors and reduce child abuse in families at-risk.    

This curriculum is divided into six sections, with three objectives for each section.  Section one is available now, with sections two through five coming soon.             

1 - What to Expect From a Preschooler                                                                                                                                        

     A. Title Page

     B. Outline - What to expect from a Preschooler

     C. Presentation - What to expect from a Preschooler

     D. Activity - Responding to Preschooler Behavior

     E. Activity - Scenarios

     F. Activity - Response Card

     G. Sample Save the Date Card

     H. Sample RSVP Form 

2 - Communication with Your Child (content coming soon)

3 - Family Meetings and Rule Development (content coming soon)

4 - "Good Stuff" Skill Building (content coming soon)

5 - Emotions and Big Feelings (content coming soon)

6 - Taking Care of Oneself and Addressing Stressors (content coming soon)

The curriculum includes PowerPoint slides and corresponding notes, templates for take home activities, items for the family and ideas for "give aways" as part of a raffle or door prize.  Also included is a sample schedule of events, save the date announcement and invitation templates.  

Read our notice of uses and disclosure privacy. Access the notice in English here.  Access a Spanish version here.

Home Visiting to Enrolled Families is supported by a grant from the Human Services Commission, City of Eugene and Springfield and Lane County.  Thank you!



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Pearl Buck Preschool has just been designated as a 5-Star Quality Rated Program!  This designation indicates that we are committed to quality care and learning for all children.  The first years of life build the foundation for lifelong learning and success.  We are proud for making this commitment to quality! Call us or visit www.oregonqris.org to learn more.   


Pearl Buck Center Incorporated in Eugene has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator.  This highest award is based on strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.


Our Fall Newsletter shares a personal story of the many supports that Pearl Buck Preschool offers to children and families in need.  Read the full story here.


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“Everybody is always telling you when you are doing something wrong; no one ever tells you when you are doing something good.”

A single dad of two preschool age boys said this while participating in a 10-week video coaching program at Pearl Buck Center’s preschool.

Pearl Buck Preschool is a tuition-free preschool serving children and families where at least one caregiver has learning challenges. The video coaching program, Filming Interactions to Nurture, is for parents and other caregivers of high-risk children. FIND was developed at the Oregon Social Learning Center and the University of Oregon under the direction of Dr. Phil Fisher. FIND has expanded Pearl Buck Preschool’s Specialized Parenting Program.

FIND is a brief, targeted intervention that is based on recent findings about how experiences shape the architecture of the developing brain. Through a relationship between OSLC, UO and Pearl Buck Center, the program has been adapted to be used with parents with learning challenges. 

FIND seeks to reinforce and strengthen the naturally occurring supportive interactions seen between young children and the adults in their lives. The program uses a very clear system of feedback utilizing brief video recordings. FIND is a simple and practical approach that emphasizes parents’ strengths and capabilities.

FIND utilizes the concept of “Serve and Return” that was developed at the Harvard Center on the Developing Child. A serve occurs when a child initiates an interaction using words or gestures, or focuses their attention on something or someone. The serve is returned when the caregiver notices and responds.

FIND emphasizes five specific elements of serve and return, with one element introduced in each coaching session: Sharing the Child’s Focus of Attention; Supporting and Encouraging; Naming; Back and Forth Interaction; and Endings and Beginnings.

The FIND coach records a video of the caregiver and child in their home or other natural setting. The film is carefully edited to show brief clips in which the caregiver is engaged in developmentally supportive interactions with the child. At the subsequent coaching sessions, the FIND coach reviews the edited clips in detail with the caregiver. The sessions are repeated five times, for a total of 10 sessions.

Our FIND project is an integral component of the Preschool’s effectiveness. We promote children’s healthy development and safety, and we ensure that the family can maintain a stable home. All families enrolled in our Specialized Preschool Program receive parenting support.

Children enroll in the preschool at age 2. Their parents have learning difficulties. We teach them, in ways they can understand, how to adequately meet their child’s physical and emotional needs, and how to provide the stimulating experiences required for healthy brain development. Home visits offer “teachable moments” when trained staff can address observed concerns and issues with the parent and/or child.

Adding FIND to these services allowed us to take our current strengths-based model a step forward by offering our preschool parents a chance to build their ability to recognize their child’s “serves” and increase their ability to respond to the child in a developmentally support way.

FIND shares Pearl Buck’s assumption that the vast majority of parents have an inherent connection with their child and want to be good parents. FIND’s unique strength is that by using the parents as their own models, parents gain confidence. Seeing themselves using each of the FIND elements increases these behaviors, which starts a self-reinforcing cycle of children who feel seen and heard, and parents who feel the success of connecting with and encouraging their child.

For parents who have usually heard what they are doing wrong, the results are inspiring.


Renee Van Norman, PhD, is the director of the Pearl Buck Preschool.

The father of a Pearl Buck Preschool child recently said,  "I wish there was a Pearl Buck Elementary School.  Nobody does things the way you do."

Pearl Buck Preschool Director, Renée K. Van Norman, Ph.D., recently shared the school's model with Healthy Start, a program funded by the Australian Government Department of Families and Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.  This webinar focuses on an exciting approach to educating and supporting young children and their families with special learning needs through a wrap-around service delivery model with 60 years of history. Learn about this Comprehensive Support System highlighting Program-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports designed and implemented to prepare children and their families for the K--12 school system.

Join Preschool Director, Renée Van Norman, Ph.D., as she describes a tiered model of prevention and promotion that focuses on providing comprehensive interventions and supports to children and their families by matching the intensity of interventions to the individual need for support (McIntosh et al., 2006).  In this preschool program-wide model, universal-level supports were delivered to families through carefully crafted school-wide activities and Family Fun/Education Nights.  Secondary and tertiary-level supports were provided through home visits and classroom instruction.  Assessment data and related tools as part of a system of continuous quality improvement is shared.

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Pearl Buck Preschool Earns Prestigious Designation

opq logoPearl Buck Preschool has successfully achieved the prestigious Oregon Program of Quality (OPQ) Designation. The OPQ process enhances and recognizes the quality of child care programs, resulting in a state designation as a quality program.

“Pearl Buck Preschool is elated to have achieved this prestigious designation for our specialized educational program serving the children of parents with cognitive limitations and for our collaboration with Head Start and Early Head Start,” stated Renée K. Van Norman, Program Director. “We believe it is every child’s right to access quality early childhood education and care programs to support children in reaching their full potential in all of life’s domains.”

We are safe.  We are respectful.  We work together.  We are fun.  These are the four agreements of Pearl Buck Preschool.

Approximately one year ago, Pearl Buck Preschool teachers gathered together and agreed to the following commitment: "Behavior support is one of the top three goals for our program, and I am committed to at least three years of implementing Program-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support."

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Pearl Buck Preschool's Parent Resource Manual is now available!  This 105 page manual is packed with information on a variety of topics, including community resources, advocacy and recreation activities.  The manual is available to anyone via a free download.  Due to the manual's size, we have made sections available individually.  To download, click on the section titles below:



Employment & Parenting

Family Health

Food & Clothing Assistance

Full Agency


Home & Transportation

If you would like to make a financial contribution as a way of saying thank you for your copy of this content, please click here.  A Wish List of items for our preschool can be accessed here.  Donations are accepted daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Stop by - we would love to meet you!

For comments or questions regarding the Parent Resource Manual, please contact Preschool Director Renée Van Norman at renee.vannorman@pearlbuckcenter.com.

Interested in volunteering?

Read to a child, blow bubbles on the playground or just lend a hand when needed.

A volunteer opportunity may await you:

Monday-Thursday, 8:45 to 12:45

Contact Assistant Director, Emily Collins for availability at emily.collins@pearlbuckcenter.com.



Pearl Buck Preschool's Parent Support Services just released outcome data for the period January 2013 through June 2013.  Home visits reached 145 adults and children during the six-month period.  A variety of services are provided by the Parent Support Services program, including developmental and safety screenings.  To view additional outcome information, click here.

USDA and this institution are equal opportunity providers and employers.

Philosophy Statement:
All children need a safe, nurturing and enriched learning environment to reach their fullest potential and enter school ready to learn.  Their parents need respect and support in their parenting efforts.

Pearl Buck Preschool
Individuals with IQ scores 70-85 are a vulnerable and under-served population. While they struggle from the effects of their disabilities, they do not qualify for state-funded services.

Most children whose parents have special needs are born with the potential for average and above-average intelligence. This preschool program is designed to support parents and foster optimal development in their children.

Preschool Program is Unique
Since 1976, the Pearl Buck Preschool has provided specialized services to children born with the potential for normal development and intelligence, and their parents who have special needs.

In every community, there are many parents with special needs struggling to raise children and provide safe and nurturing homes. However, there are very few programs that provide services to these parents.

For more information, contact:

Renée Van Norman, Preschool Director

About The Director

Renée K. Van Norman, PhD, Preschool Director received her doctorate degree in Special Education from the Ohio State University in 2005.  She is a former University of Oregon assistant professor, involved in the research, teaching and implementation of evidence-based practices for early childhood education.  Renée applies her background in education, psychology and disabilities to further enhance the Preschool and its related parenting program's methods and strategies.

When you walk into the Pearl Buck Preschool preschool classrooms, you see bright, energetic children, eager to learn and explore. But, the lives of these children are anything but typical. Children whose parents have developmental disabilities or other special needs face unique challenges.

Brain research shows that early stimulation of children directly impacts both physical and intellectual growth within their brains. These discoveries confirm what we have felt all along. The earlier we begin to work with these children, who due to their parents' developmental disabilities or other special needs may not be receiving this stimulation, the sooner we help children develop the skills they need to realize their potential.

Case management is a critical component of the Preschool Program. The primary goal of the outreach case management services is to ensure that the basic needs of the family are met, so parents with developmental disabilities or other special needs can succeed in providing a safe and nurturing home, and provide advocacy and support to others.


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